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Routine Podiatry / Footcare

New Patients  £45.00   -  This includes a vascular and neurological assessment as well as a full treatment. This may include Nailcare, hard skin, corns, verruca, fungal nails and fungal skin infections, ingrowing toenails.  Patients not rebooking within 6 months will be charged new patient price on return appointment,  

Follow Up Appointment  £38.00     -   We value your custom and so this is for a return routine appointment booked within 6 months of the last treatment. 

Biomechanical Assessment 
Biomechanical assessment   £60.00   -   This is for patients experiencing foot, ankle or leg pain.  

Nail Surgery
1 TOE   £350.00
2 TOE   £400.00

This is a procedure performed under local analgesia. Part or whole of the toenail is removed to treat ingrowing or problematic toenails.  This price includes 2 follow up appointments.

HOME VISITS   -  Available in SK17 area only . Please contact clinic  Price £50.00

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