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Frequently asked questions.......
        What is the difference between a Chiropodist & Podiatrist?
The name Chiropody was changed to Podiatry in 1993.  Podiatry is the internationally recognised name for our profession.  It is a profession that is constantly evolving and the continuing education post graduation ensures that Podiatrists skills & knowledge are up to date.

        Do I need to be referred by my GP?

No you do NOT need a GP referral.  Although we do get referrals from GP's and other Health Care Professionals, most clients come to us directly via friends/family or website.

        Can I claim through my medical insurance?

Most medical insurance companies provide cover for chiropody/podiatry.  Some insurance policies will require authorisation from your GP prior to treatment, however most clients visit us directly.  You will require a receipt after each appointment so that you can claim the amount back from the insurance company.

        What conditions do Podiatrists treat?

Treatments range from simple nail cutting, removal of hard skin and corns, to minor surgery for ingrown toe nails.  We can give specialist advice on the prevention, management and treatment of foot and lower leg disorders.  Back, hip, knee and ankle pain are complaints that sometimes can be corrected by altering foot posture using custom made insoles/orthotics.

        How often should I see a Podiatrist? 

There is not a recommended time in between visits.  Some clients require an annual appointment and others require treatment every 6 weeks.  At Peak District Podiatry everyone is treated as an individual and a tailored care plan will be discussed with you and based around you and your needs.

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